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Visionaries in Eye Care

SUPRALASE® opens the door to advanced laser vision correction for many people who have been waiting for a consistently safe, fast way to see clearly again without the risks and complications inherent in LASIK flap procedures.

Pioneered and perfected by Princeton educated Douglas M. Rampona, MD FACS, in collaboration with internationally renowned eye surgeons.  SUPRALASE is a great option for those with dry eyes and thin corneas, and for people who have Intralase/LASIK regression. The all-surface, no-flap, no incision procedure brings hope for those who have been told they did not qualify for or were rejected for traditional LASIK. Dr. Rampona has performed this procedure on than thousands of patients in the last 15 years. Learn More…

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Your Success in Sight

Throw away those contact cleaning solutions. Recycle those glasses. With SUPRALASE®, you can see clearly again with little risk, minimal downtime and unwavering confidence in the procedure developed by Dr. Douglas Rampona. The all-laser, no-cutting-a-flap-in-the-cornea federally patented process makes seeing believing.

Super Safe... Super Vision... SUPRALASE!


  • Fewer complications/no culture proven infections (due to not having to cut a flap)
  • Doesn’t weaken corneal strength as does LASIK/Intralase
  • It is the only custom laser vision procedure that is truly laser directed throughout the entire procedure


  • No incisions/No weakening of the cornea
  • Much faster procedure than LASIK (No FLAP)
  • Treatment for the future, not just for today

“Playing sports, swimming and more without glasses or contacts has changed my life tremendously! Dr. Rampona and his staff are awesome! 10 out of 10!” 


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