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dr doug ramponaDr. Douglas Rampona knew there had to be a better, safer way to correct people’s vision without cutting a flap in their corneas.

He rolled out the country’s first No Touch, No Flap procedure – SUPRALASE™ – in 2005. And he hasn’t looked back since; he’s performed more than 10,000 since the laser procedure’s debut more than a decade ago.

Dr. Rampona began practicing ophthalmology in 1975, a career that landed him in Hampton Roads. He is now one of the area’s most experienced surgeons. His experience in surgery encompasses cataract surgery, corneal transplants, ocular plastics, and the various types of refractive surgeries, including SUPRALASE™.

Dr. Rampona graduated from Princeton University and received his medical degree from Baylor University, Houston, Texas. He completed his ophthalmic residency at Tulane. Dr. Rampona is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, and has been elected Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Royal Society of Medicine. The Research Council of America also has recently named him among America’s Top Ophthalmologists.

Dr. Rampona moved to Virginia following 15 years in southern Illinois where he operated and owned a very large, eight-offices, five-county, medical and surgical practice. Southern Illinois proved to be an excellent location for medical research and pioneering new surgical techniques. While in Illinois, Dr. Rampona founded and served as director of the Lions Club Eye Bank. He also directed the Eye Bank Cornea Transplant Center.

On the national level of surgical research, Dr. Rampona was a pioneer of one-stitch and no-stitch small-incision cataract surgery, and advancement that changed the national standard of cataract surgery. Today, he remains dedicated to advancing refractive surgery nationally through SUPRALASE™.

Dr. Rampona has taught Medical Sciences at the University of Arkansas, given many national medical presentations
and been published in many professional publications.

Dr. Rampona, a Navy veteran, also served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command as the Chief Readiness Medical Officer for the 13th Contingency Hospital.

Dr. Rampona and his wife, Linda, an occupational therapist, also do medical missiteamon work around the world, including in Africa, South America, Central America, India and Vietnam.  He has performed corneal transplants, cataract surgeries and ocular reconstructions around the globe.

Dr. Rampona also gives back at home. He has offered free care through the Virginia Beach Free Clinic, Rural Area Medical outreach and Hampton Roads Community Care. Dr. Rampona is a past recipient of Inside Business’ Health Care Heroes Award.