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SUPRALASE™ provides what many people have been waiting for: the ideal combination of visual excellence and consistent safety without the risks and complications inherent in LASIK flap procedures.

SUPRALASE® is a no-flap/no incision, all-laser eye surgery used to correct nearsightedness or astigmatism. It’s also suitable for people with dry eyes and thin corneas. SUPRALASE® eliminates the risks of corneal flap complications and diminishes discomfort. Supralase is a great option for individuals who are apprehensive about having anything approaching their eyes.

Here’s how it works:
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Step 1

After administering a fast-acting surgical anesthetic eye drop to completely numb the eye and reduce blinking, the surgeon uses a technologically advanced cool laser beam with a three-axis tracker that gently reshapes the corneal surface of the eye. This procedure allows for precise control in the removal of the epithelium to access the desired layers of the cornea in need of treatment instead of cutting a flap or scraping away the epithelium as is done with LASIK or photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), respectively.

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Step 2

The SUPRALASE® VISX S4 IR laser tracks (ActiveTrak) the patient’s eye continuously throughout the procedure, which compensates for any accidental movements and negates any risk of compromising the surgery. As the treatment begins, the patient is directed to look at the blinking light. After which the ActiveTrak takes over and compensates for any movements. The patient can then relax knowing that they will receive the visual treatment desired.

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Step 3

SUPRALASE® treatment takes under 60 seconds per eye to perform. Recovery, on average, takes 36-48 hours. If you have the procedure on a Friday, you can typically be back to work by Monday. Immediately after the surgery, the patient’s vision will be exponentially greater.

According to Marguerite McDonald in Eye World 2008, the best recorded acuities were from surface laser procedures.

With its all-laser, no-flap/no incision technology, SUPRALASE® can safely provide the visual clarity people have been looking for without contacts or glasses.