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At SUPRALASE®, our focus is always on you. We are client-driven and are proud of our many success stories. We make sure we treat all of our patients with respect and professionalism. That’s why more than 10,000 people have chosen clearer vision with SUPRALASE®. See what some of our patients say about SUPRALASE®:

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I recently had my first eye exam since having the Supralase surgery done back in 2006. The optometrist was blown away as I told him my story. The short version is that i had started out wearing contacts at 8 years old with a -3.5 prescription and it continued to worsen to a -11.75. It was then that I found Dr. Rampona and quickly signed up for the surgery.  I am still amazed at what he and his team were able to accomplish for me! I am happy to report that 10 years later, i am still 20/20 !! If there is any way to tell him thank you, please do! I can’t express my appreciation enough!  – Josh